The Culture & Art Association of Women Publishers

Women play influential roles in forming and developing of the public culture. Their significant presence and role in creating durable written works and informing society are necessary and irreplaceable. For cooperating and utilizing unique experiences of women, active in the field of publishing, their recognition and permanent relationship with them is necessary. This need led to formation and establishment of the Culture and Art Association of Women Publishers to let the active women in the field of publishing the survey and cooperate with each other about their common issues independently from the government.

Using collective wisdom and experiences in focusing and maximizing the activities besides recognizing and forming influential relationships between publishing houses, writers, editors, and designers is another benefit of this Association .

During its 9-year activity, this Association dealt with:

Holding meetings and having permanent communications with its members,

Holding and presenting in different book fairs like Tehran Int. Book Fair, Frankfurt Int. Book Fair and different fairs in provinces of Iran,

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Holding conferences annually,

Providing professional pieces of advice to its members,

Holding educational courses pertaining to publishing industry,

Sending books and needed types of equipment to the libraries of deprived places of Iran,

Effective communication with governmental authorities,

Establishing "Sham'dooni" bookstore (Affiliated to the Culture and Art Association of Women Publishers) and presenting its members' books directly.

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